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four of the tumblrs i follow are darcie (that’s 22.2%!)

wait what changed

tumblrs v. twitters, c v. s

wait im so sorry i didnt read closely, it’s administrative professional’s day so it’s been quite the ride.


four of the tumblrs i follow are darcie (that’s 22.2%!)

wait what changed

i accidentally reblogged a few pictures of ponds that were intended for my pond-themed tumblr:


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….happening… i think

get it together

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Film director and Purchase alum Hal Hartley was on campus earlier this week filming scenes from “Ned Rifle,” the final chapter in the Henry Fool Trilogy.

s/o to katie oscar, dan onoda, and steve levine (r to l) for being talented, capable, enjoyable people

Apr 16


recommending zach lennon-simon’s  film. (2012, narrative, 18min 52secs)

zach is one of my favorite people and probably the best writer I know. i contemplated making a list of “good zach memories,” but it became too long and would only interest me and zach.

something i feel about zach’s work that is crazysexycool: no matter the chosen medium, i feel that his work always seems to effortlessly fit the mode of communication/art/etc. effortlessly to mean: perfectly and appropriately, without struggle. (not to mean: without putting effort into it, which is completely opposite of my experiences with him) his work, much like his personality, adapts to nearly any situation without sacrificing the essence/core/thesis/spirit of the work. i’ve never seen him produce any work that didn’t seem “in line” with his personality or ethos, and each piece of work understands itself as a piece of that work: his documentaries function as documentaries, his prose functions strongly as a piece of prose, his narrative films (such as above) are narrative films. they all work with the structure to benefit themselves instead of fighting the structure/medium, they are themselves in harmony with the medium, not despite it / like works of art where the criticism is “it is/says it is THIS but is so atypical of THIS that it is saying THAT”

i realized this while watching zach’s vlogs, [available HERE] which are pretty conventional vlogs (from what little of vlogs ive seen) yet capture, to me, what his perspective is and what it’s like to be his friend. i think i am mentioned in two, one by name and as “a friend” who accompanied him when he went to his dorm to get scotch and a lightsaber before a party (madeline manning’s glitter jungle of the future themed birthday party)

difficult choice: whether to link to the above film or his documentary:

This is for the kids

we shot that pretty much alone, driving around brooklyn, rapping along to embarrassing songs and confiding in each other whatever terrible thing we had just done to a romantic interest.

every day we stopped at 5 and got pizza, usually with a hoard of elementary/middle school kids, who had just been released from whatever.

one afternoon this kid said to another, “do you know that if your hand is bigger than your head you have cancer?” and the other kid said, “i know that trick,” refusing to put his hand in front of his head because he knew that as soon as he did, the first kid would slap his hand into his face. so the first kid, refusing to succumb to defeat, just slapped the other kid in the face anyway, like with his own hand. he knew what he wanted to do and he did it.

anyway, i didn’t work on this (probably because i had a difficult time getting along with others at the time) but you can see me in some of the background shots of the final party scene.

i would LOVE it if zach wrote my eulogy

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accidentally posted to my public tumblr immediately after posting about how i had just accidentally posted to my public tumblr instead of my secret tumblr

finally manifested my fear of posting to my public tumblr instead of myfuckingsecretblog

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